Force of Nature

Digitally designed collection 

During a visit taken to Iceland images of the ever changing weather were captured which then led onto the creation of this work. Over one hundred shapes were digitally drawn of cloud formations, icicles, snow blizzards, sunsets and sunrises. The naturally formed angular icicles and the combination of soft wispy clouds complimented each other in the design process.

Taking inspiration from artist Bridget Riley and her bright colour choices nature is not a subject that would typically come to mind when you think of a vivid pallete. The choice of colour and shape aims to bring the outside world indoors. In doing so the way we consider our surroundings and environment is challenged. Shapes have been extracted from nature and given a contemporary twist with sharp edges and unusual colour combinations, intriguing the viewer as to the origins of the concept.

The use of layering within shape and colour in the designs brings to light how the current climate is rapidly changing, and evolving as time goes on. Composition of shape and colour has been thoughtfully considered to create aesthetically pleasing outcomes, each design should complement each other, whether that be in use of graphic form or colour.